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Tips to Help You Sell Your Art

It is important to know that selling art isn’t simple. Whether through an online platform, out in your studio, or through a gallery, making a sale of your work will be a daunting task, but it can also be thrilling. You have to commit your time and effort in order to sell your art. As you read this guide, you will get some ideas on how to go about selling your art. However, it is important to know that each artist will have a different experience selling their art based on their personality. Read on for more.

Promote yourself on social media. Nowadays, the most common way to make people know that you create art is by marketing your work on social media. It is free to use, quite simple to figure out, and can begin getting your art on an individual’s radar instantly. Many people whose artwork wasn’t known to have been able to introduce themselves via social media. Several clients prefer to follow platforms that reflect the artist’s unique personality and not those that just feel like a lattice of paintings. Taking a more informal approach to your posts will free you up to be you and ease the fear that you ought to create a social media image that is not true to who you’re.

Put yourself physically out there. While social media is a great way to reach a huge audience faster, another amazing way to place your artwork on people’s radars is to physically place yourself out there. This implies being as social as possible and constantly introducing yourself as an artist no matter what you are doing – answering phones, teaching at your local community college, or paying bills by waiting tables. Just making people know that you are an artist will make them ask questions about what your work is about and where to see it. This creates a chance for you to invite a person into your gallery to view your artwork.

Showcase your work on the website. Having a website to display your work is a necessity. You do not have to be fancy; simply factual. Clients will expect to see clearly labeled photos of your works, an updated CV, any germane press, and a brief statement that summarizes your practice. Ensure your website is simple to scroll or click through in order for interested people to browse between your works without difficulty.

Document your work. If you do not have a good camera and cannot take outstanding photos of your art, get someone who can. You should overcome the temptation to just document your work through your phone’s camera. If you cannot afford professional photography services for all your pieces, make a trade. Request a photographer friend to document your work for pieces of your work. Ensure the photos include shots from different angles for the viewers to get a sense of your work’s surface and overall composition. Also, ensure all your work is documented before leaving your studio, as this might help you down the road of your career.

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