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Crucial Information About Art Marketing

This page is for new and veteran artists seeking info about marketing artwork.

What is art marketing?
At its basic level, marketing, art marketing included is a systemized process of generating awareness and interest in a product, service, or company that causes a desire in clients to buy. Successful artists depend on marketing to expand awareness and demand for their pieces, build a reputation with authority and trust, and build a brand. They market to communicate their offerings, identify and engage new prospects, promote their art, and strengthen bonds with their existing clients and target audience.

Art marketing tools and strategies
Marketing provides many ways of connecting with the correct people and promoting and selling your art. It’s an essential, changing collection of strategies and tools to help you attain your objectives. Some of the strategies include selling art online, joining artist organizations, blogging, attending art exhibitions and shows, and others. Learn about them and choose the best mixture for your art business.

How to utilize marketing and its benefits
In the art world, marketing creates a range of reactions from prospective buyers. Visual art marketing practices, mainly through advertising, social media, word-of-mouth, and backstories, build consciousness for artists’ work. Consciousness is the first step by prospective purchasers toward cultivating a real interest in you and your work. With effective use of different marketing approaches, thriving art marketers keep awareness, desire, and interest high until the chance for a sale ensues.

Is awareness the elementary first driver when inquiring how to market art?
Thriving artists thrive by creating a systematic process of getting their work seen and sold. The reality about art is that nobody will purchase it unless they know about it. To thrive, you must sell art by getting your work seen.

Steps to market and sell art
There are five steps to help you sell your art
First, set reasonable, achievable goals.
Secondly, understand what to do to attain the goals.
Thirdly, break the goals into small portions ensuring none overwhelms.
Fourthly, organize and calendar the tasks into day-to-day actions.
Finally, apply the discipline of completing tasks on time.

Research the business and marketing processes of any successful person or company and you will realize they use these universal principles. The infographic is meant to enable you to plan your steps and to utilize it as a guideline and reminder for the things you have to do to reach the success you yearn for and deserve to have.

Where can artists market their artwork?
There are several distribution channels you can use to have your work marketed.
First, create direct patronage where a group of patrons buys artwork from artists directly and repeatedly.
Secondly, consider galleries where gallerists vend for artists. An artist might experience direct benefaction through a gallery. However, rarely will you get access to purchasers of your work.
Thirdly, contract to license novel art to be reproduced and traded by art print publishers. Duplicates are sold as limited-edition prints or open-edition posters, which could be four-or-six color offset lithography, serigraphs, and more formats.
Fourthly, consider contracting with licensing agents or licensors to duplicate an artist’s work for different uses.
Finally, consider studio visits. They are an outstanding way of contending with commercial art galleries on several levels.

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