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Some Performance Management Steps To Take

Establishing a strong performance management plan takes a lot of effort. Thinking about your company’s needs and ensuring that your managers and other employees understand those goals through consistent communication is a lot to start with, but it can really be a boon to overall productivity and enthusiasm. [Check out BambooHR, our top pick for the best employee monitoring system for performance management.]

To kickstart the process, here are a few ways you can make sure you and your employees get the most out of performance management effortsCreate measurable performance-based objectives and expectations.
Employees should understand and give input on how each objective’s success is to be measured. Expectations generally fall into two categories:

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Results: These are the goods and services an employee produces, often measured by objectives or standards. Actions and behaviors: These are the methods used to make a product or perform a service, and the behaviors and values demonstrated during the process. They can be measured through performance dimensions.

Define professional development plans. Supervisors and employees should work together to create development plans. The plan can focus on skills aimed at mastering the job or on professional development skills beyond the scope of the employee’s job description. Employees should have a say in what new things they learn and how they can use those skills to the company’s benefit.

Meet regularly to discuss overall progress and identify potential roadblocks. Rather than waiting until an annual review, managers and employees should be actively engaged throughout the year to determine overall goal progress.